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Infinite Tarot
Concept by Jolynn Kottke - Artwork by Rachel Ritter

Publisher: Infinite Tarot Copyright ©2000 Condition: New sealed in shrink-wrap box. Includes a 63 page original booklet and 76 beautifully illustrated new Tarot cards.
This deck is made up of 76 images representing the High Ace, King, Queen, Gift, Joker, Numeral, and Family cards in the suits Earth, Sky, Fire, and Water.  These new cards contain well expressed  elemental symbolism. 

Beautifully illustrated with very colorful dynamic graphic symbolism. This deck is brand new, includes 76 cards, an interpretive booklet, and an original interactive game.  These high quality standard tarot sized cards are easy to shuffle and handle. 
"Great for the collector. I always suggest buying new decks by small or independent publishers, you never know when they may go out of print or how many will ever be produced."
Wow! These are so beautiful!! Infinite Tarot brings people into a sense of the sacred. Infinite Tarot reflects a sensibility that is ....spiritual and yet it's playful. It's humorous but it's practical. This is nice, down home, practical well done work. Infinite Tarot possesses a sincere spiritual tone ...a pragmatic instructional tone ...Infinite Tarot is organic and spiritual ...it is self empowering ...it offers tools with which to interpret your life ...These are helpful images ...they give you room to move yourself through them.
Antonia Lamb... Astrologer and psychic for over 20 years
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